There is no doubt that if any blogging blogger have original and SEO content then there is no doubt can increase maximum traffic aswell gain better rank at Google rank and Alexa.

Most of the bloggers do simple and minor mistakes while writing blog posts. At the time of making new post you've to focus on selected places where placing Keywords on specific areas can optimize search engine ranking.
 How Blogger post keywords relevant fro SEO optimization?
It does not mean that compromising on quality of content is Optimization of blog posts write in your own way to understand every viewer without a Question mark on their face.

Do better practice using and positioning content relevant keywords where user feels happy and understand what you've wrote and what you're going to teach them through blog posts.
You have to add blog related keywords in a proper way that it looks natural for search engine as well to your readers.

We've identified best positions placing keywords in blogger posts.

1# Placing more same Keywords in blog posts is not SEO optimization.
  • Make sure while writing or proofing article to avoid using same keywords greatest number it is not good for your blog health.
  • You should keep in mind it should not cross about 2% or less to make your blog posts (blog) SEO optimization to ranking in search results.

2# Using Keywords at Starting and Ending points
  • Before writing an article you should remember to add content relevant keyword to use at first and last paragraph of your content's.
  • These positions are best purpose for search engines decides ranking of your blog posts.
  • If you want more keyword or useful for content can add targeted words in the form of phrases between the content to make it more SEO friendly for search engines.
  • To avoid penalty it is safe not to use same words again and again if you're targeting more traffic on search engines.

3# Content (Post) Titles
  • You believe it or not Post titles are the top most places to add targeted keywords.
  • Use catchy titles i.e if some body need spicy food and some soft food then what you decided to prepare a single food for both.
  • In this situation you should concentrate on Tasty food that overcomes all and makes you a good professional in those field.
  • In the same way you should concentrate on quality, meaningful of content related words in Post titles to attract more readers through organic traffic or Social network sites.
  • Hence, to increase maximum traffic try something different using good post titles which are different from others.

4# Follow Permalinks on Blog posts
  • Permalink is a killer site to add really targeted keyword.
  • Permalinks is nothing but URL of blog posts that created by default accordingly post titles of blog.
  • Add main keywords and ignore other non-relevant words on custom permalinks tool option as shown below.
  • Go to Post Editor > Click on Permalink from the right side menu and select Permalink to add content related main keyword.

5# Comments on Posts
  • Commenting on blogger blog posts means increasing of traffic to some extent. There are many benefits of blog comments and if we use them effectively then no doubt we can get better rank in good search or other search engine results.
  • But, here blog author should remember one thing that instead of trying some tricky methods like commenting self push your blog under penalty.
  • It is better to ask your subscribers/viewers to comment/reply/feedback on your article leaving an Author words in the form of request at the end of content.
  • Whenever you reply to your readers' comments on your blog better practice to add some relevant keyword phrases in your replay in a natural way that looks obvious while reading.
This is the way to improve your blog ranking by applying content relevant keywords by following above blogging tricks to prove you're a professional blogging blogger.

Concluding words
We hope you this article is useful to you, if yes then don't forget to subscribe to us and leave your opinion on our comment desk.
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