Most of you are familiar with basic HTML coding and its advantages for maintaining a website or blog. HTML IFRAME is a very common thing that be used for embedding any document or webpage into your website.
Here in this article we educate you ‘How to prevent an HTML IFRAME’ code for embedding your website or blog by others in their website or blog inside an IFRAME? Universally lots of websites or blogs embed popular websites in IFRAME for content to increase their traffic and visibility online. If you’re a IT professional then you know very well about script coding if you’re not then here is the code to prevent others to embed your website in IFRAME. Without prior permission from the Author most the websites are using embed code to insert website in IFRAME.
Let’s begin tutorial with the help of Script code you can prevent to embed your website by others.

Sign into your blogger account
From dashboard select Template link and proceed
Click on ‘Edit HTML’ link tab
(Note: Before you implement this experiment better backup your template if anything goes wrong you can reuse it again)
Search for tag </head>
Now Copy the below script code and paste before </head>
<script type="text/javascript">
function noiFrame() {
try {
if ( !== window.self) {
document.write = ""; = window.self.location;
setTimeout(function() {
document.body.innerHTML = '';
}, 0);
window.self.onload = function() {
document.body.innerHTML = '';
} catch (err) {
After successful adding coding ‘Save the Template’
That’s it you’ve all done
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