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Google introduced new ‘Crawl Error Reports Updates’ in Google’s Webmaster Tools

To comprehend more with error report Google is developing Webmaster tools for its users spicing more technical values.
Recently Googl’es John Mueller said, according to Readers view error 404 is not exactly mean about error 404 as redirect to targeted website not in any other website.

Though there is no clear-cut reason for crawl error but indirectly they mean about difficulty for redirect URLs or difficulty with the end redirect pages?
Google’s new crawl error reports updates may help webmasters to get aware of error without difficulty and diagnose the errors properly. Google’s difficulty in redirect is reason crawl error not familiar to all. The difficulty occurs when first website redirecting to second website appears error.
Google’s new kind of developing indirectly effect on website page rank but whatever improves will definitely helps webmasters to diagnose error difficulties in redirects of websites.
After detailed explanation on Error report updates on Webmaster tools announced, this blog track down developments same posted on this wall.

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