To get Real Organic Traffic authors should concentrate on those countries where the largest tech community available. If we take Country like America know as United States of America (USA) is the largest blogging community in the world for its tech users. Organic traffic is nothing but getting traffic from other countries to blogs or websites. If webmaster aim is to get more SEO Trick traffic and make money then follow few top most America blogs well know to authors for blogging circle. In this article blogtariff going to share with you few list of Top Seven American blogs.
Based on Alexa Rank 60% and Google Page Rank 40% these below America (USA) blogs are sorted and decided to share with you through this article.

The Huffington Post

Basically this site covers all category related news like Politics, Media, Business, Entertainment, Comedy, Books, Tech news, World news, Lifestyle and more across America (USA). The President and Editor-in-Chief is Arianna Huffington.
  • World Wide Alexa Rank is: 97
    USA Alex Rank is: 25
    Google Page Rank is: 8/10

A well know website to webmasters which covers Social media network sites related information, Tech news of Apps and Software, Developing – Designing, Gadgets, Mobile, Business of Advertising, Jobs, Marketing, Media, Small Business, Startups and Entertainment news of Film, Gaming, Music, Sports, Television…more.
Most of the popular websites and blogs follows this website regular.
  • World Wide Alexa Rank is: 419
    USA Alexa Rank is: 360
    Google Page Rank is: 8/10


BI has wonderful website template where visitors can easily search all types of information what they needs. This website covers Tech news, Finance, Politics, Strategy, Life, Entertainment news and more.
World wide Alexa Rank is: 535
USA Alexa Rank is: 269
Google Page Rank is: 7/10

Most of the popular webmaster follows Techcrunch along with Mashable website. These two websites are well know to bloggers and follows regular for tech news. This website covers Mobile news, Gadget news, Social media network news, gives an idea for every newbie. TC website template attracts visitors with its greeny appearance.
  • World Wide Alexa Rank is: 609
    USA Alexa Rank is: 485
    Google Page Rank is: 8/10

TMZ well designed template in red color, covers Celebrity news, photos, Videos, Lifestyle and social media network sites news. TMZ is popular for Videos and Photos of Celebrties.

  • World Wide Alexa Rank is: 528
    USA Alexa Rank is: 140
    Google Page Rank is: 8/10

Engadget is Popular for new launch Gadgets across the world and covers related information. Subscribers can browse gadget reviews, Features, Photos, Videos, Events, Podcasts and more features available on Engadget.
  • World Wide Alexa Rank: 597
    USA Alexa Rank: 445
    Google Page Rank: 8/10

BF convers Entertainment, Celebrity, Lifestyle, Hot news. Visitors can browse choice related information on Buzzfeed.
  • World Wide Alexa Rank: 363
    USA Alexa Rank: 124
    Google Page Rank: 7/10
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