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How to increase Blog/Website Traffic with tricks and tips?

Blog beginners or blog started recently owners finds the ways to improve the their blog traffic and get visitors/readers consistently. Webmasters search online for blogger tricks and blogger tips to know how to increase traffic with easy methods of following. Yes this right that blogging traffic decides blogging existence online. We have observed few things and few people brought to our notice that how to increase their blog/website traffic instantly. They asked about easy methods to increase blog traffic without any hard work or without any investment.

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How much investment required to get instant traffic to blogs/websites?

Actually there are numerous websties offering premium services for Traffic to blogs and also free services for limited period or simple registration process. But, beginers and recently started web owners i.e blogs owners won't pay much importance for paying amount for Traffic. Blogs are started for earning online by sharing valuable information with others.
Here, BlogTariff presents few tips and tricks without paying any amount to any services or to join for premium services. Yes this true to enhance your earnings with your blog just need some patience to read this article completely and it is highly recomended to follow step by step tips-tricks to implement on blogs.
BlogTariff and their partner blog Omlitech has tracedout new methods  to increase traffic instantly by following easy Traffic tricks and SEO tips.

Sketch your required things

If anyone starts a business they thinks about what they are going to start and where to start - which place is best matches for their business - who are the major targeted people for their businees to run successful etc., these type of question arise when a businessman starts a business. The same thing here is to be done, which type of blog you're going to start - which category it'll come - what information you're going to share with others - who can read your articles - who are the major target people for your blog - how to approach and follow the tips to increse your blog traffic to convert into earnings.

Maintain Quality in each Article

Don't go for long post explain or express your views or information in point wise or step by step method instead of boring readers by posting full length information on blogs.

Attract Visitors/readers by eye catching titles or subtitles

Whenever readers visits your blog first they reads Title and inline headings they won't go for reading instantly. So, do maintain Quality of Titles or inline heading by using relavant words the total information should be on Titles and inner titles.

Using of images and examples on each posts

  • Watching eye catching information is better than Listening or reading information. 
  • Providing content related matching images and giving examples converts readers to understand much better.

Commenting on blogs

Creating good relation with the other blog owner or blog readers makes you a way to reach your goal to earn money onilne better. By providing solutions or interacting with the readers on other blogs via comments makes good sense to increase your blog traffic by means of perfect planning.

Search engine Optimization

Key for every webmaster for submiting blog/wesbite to various search egines to visible. Few Search engines listed as below

  • How to submit URL Google,
  • How to submit URL Yahoo,
  • How to submit URL Rediff,
  • How to submit URL Bing,
  • How to submit URL Dmoz
  • How to submit URL AOL

Participating on Forums

To gain popularity to your blog you need to participate in forum or creating a forum to drag more visitor to join with you. On each of your solutions or comments on forums don't forget to leave your blog signature or blog link.

Share your hand as a Guest Author

  • This an one of the effective method to drag more visitors by writing posts on popular blogs/websites as a Guest Author and invite readers to follow your blog by means of maintaining good relations with them. Most of the Popular websites and blogs inviting Guest Authors for writing them. You can also invite Guest Authors.
  • Execution of Track backs: These Trackbacks are available online like copy blogger converts your traffic tremendously.

Rewinding Top most post on blogs

Posting of Category wise series posts in a single post heading with Top ten or Popular posts,  readers look for them.

Breaking information into series

Posting Full legth article in single post readers won't read properly, divided article into series/serial wise results readers understand better by linking each previous article with link.

Share your experience with your readers

Sharing your experience what you've learnt online with your readers another possibility to increase more visitors by means of writing your own articles teaching in better format or technique.

Promote your blog

  • Submitting of all your posts to Stumbleupon
  • Targeting readers personal interests like sharing hot news about celebrities according to their interest.
  • Try for Google new where your blog/website listed in Google News
  • Advertising on Social media sites for your blog like Facebook Ads and Twitter pages by using # hash tags.
  • Promoting your blog on Google Adwords boost your trafffic instantly.
  • Using of Signature (blog links) in your email, most of the blogger professionals suggest this.
  • Create videos related to your blog posts and promote on Youtube and Social media sites like Facebook etc.
  • To bring more real targeted subscribers you need to conduct contests.
  • Registering on Blog carnivals platform
  • Publicize blog via Media to generate more traffic
  • Taking help from Professional blogging communities like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage 
  • Using of Link bait and mailing list
  • For promotion of your blog you need email marketing and Link bait to link with others.

Way to Submit your site

  • By submitting blog to Technorati and pinging of your blog after writing posts to Pingomatic
  • Use the services of Yellow pages to make your blogs available to your readers

Entertain your readers

  • By referring of popular sites like Tech crunch and mashable bringing lastes article to your readers in your way.
  • Sharing videos what you've created make reader understand much better.
  • Uploading of post related eye-catching images on each posts can attract visitor more.
  • Interviewing professional blogger by giving much importance.
  • Adding social Sharing buttons or Bookmarking buttons on blog
  • By adding social sharing buttons and widget another way to increase more traffic to blog.

Posting answers on Yahoo

To prove yourself as a relaible blogger participate on Yahoo Answers by using your blog signatures.


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