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Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML IFRAME codes for your Website or Blog

Under category Navigation certain websites needs ‘IFRAMES’ to load pages or code clip animatedly for a broad range of content.

There are many ways to show up partner website content or website page using certain HTML codes without using script codes on your blog/website.

These IFRAMES are built with HTML support code and to some extent it is very useful particularly attract visitors to gain traffic to newly launched website or blog.

Here in this article user don’t need to work hard for adding IFRAME code on your blog, by following simple step easily can install.

Advantages of IFRAMES
  • Get more visitors or wide range publicity using code for new blog/website
  • Use code alternative to banner ads instead of image ads works perfectly
  • If you’ve good traffic and subscribers then your newly launched website will equally gain visitors
  • Easily compatible for both Wordpress and Blogger blogs

Using more IFRAMES HTML code can slow down blog loading time

Sign into your blogger account
Select ‘Layout’ from Blogger Dashboard drop down menu
Click on ‘HTML/Javascript’ link tab

Copy below HTML code and paste
<iframe src= width="300" height="300"   scrolling="auto"  frameborder="1">
><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

Code customization
  • Replace with your blog link or URL
  • Adjust IFRAME width and height according to your requirement or blog layout

After successful replacing URL or values, now ‘Save’ widget and Template to preview your experiment.
That’s it you’ve done.

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Tips to Make Money in Real Estate field directly or indirectly

There are many ways to make money offline or online but moving according to person ability or interest or professionalism is important. Most of you all aware about gradual increase in population across the world people are searching for accommodation and moving to buy their own house/flat according their financial position or need.

In this course one of the best ways is Real Estate field where anyone can make money if they don’t have enough knowledge or experience in this field. In this industry people directly or indirectly can make some bucks sparing few hours in working with experienced agents or investing after knowing business standards.

First person should understand that investment in real estate field is long-term investment and needs huge/little amount to involve directly or indirectly. With perfect planning sparing few hours involving directly in Real estate you must some basic knowledge in this field and have tune you’re self that you’re perfect match to this field.

Make money Indirectly working as Commissioned Real Estate Agent
To make money in Real Estate, person needs to have large number of circle background where he can show Real Estate agent or builder property land/flat/ etc., and ability to explain buyers everything about that property value/place/route/amenities in better way to get some huge commission from Builder/Agent.

Make money directly working as Real Estate Agent
If you’re planning to make money directly involving in as real estate agent you need to make commitment in both time and money to get success in this field. As agent person to make money from estate needs huge money and knowledge in area market price whether it is Government price or private price on buying-selling properties. To become a broker in real estate field is required license to set up business. Identifying undervalued properties purchasing them and selling at better price can make money.

Leasing and Rentals
If a person working in marketing field or having good communication skills or management skills can run this Rental and Leasing to make money in Real Estate field. Employed People at the time of transfer to one state to another or region to other region first they search for Rentals Agent for flat/house according to their need in those areas having all facilities.

You can buy any person community building or flat or house then offer them to rent get better value every month as side income.
Offer loan to owned house people and Mortgage them taking necessary legal support. If that house owner refused to repay amount back in within time-span then grab that property moving legally can make money by selling or leasing.

Google introduced new ‘Crawl Error Reports Updates’ in Google’s Webmaster Tools

To comprehend more with error report Google is developing Webmaster tools for its users spicing more technical values.
Recently Googl’es John Mueller said, according to Readers view error 404 is not exactly mean about error 404 as redirect to targeted website not in any other website.

Though there is no clear-cut reason for crawl error but indirectly they mean about difficulty for redirect URLs or difficulty with the end redirect pages?
Google’s new crawl error reports updates may help webmasters to get aware of error without difficulty and diagnose the errors properly. Google’s difficulty in redirect is reason crawl error not familiar to all. The difficulty occurs when first website redirecting to second website appears error.
Google’s new kind of developing indirectly effect on website page rank but whatever improves will definitely helps webmasters to diagnose error difficulties in redirects of websites.
After detailed explanation on Error report updates on Webmaster tools announced, this blog track down developments same posted on this wall.

Add 'Auto Scrolling Latest Posts News Ticker' widget to Your Blogger blog

Sometimes few plugins drags readers attention indirectly forces them to stay long time on your blog/website with confidence to browse more posts. One of that plugin is ‘Auto Scrolling News Ticker’, this type of tickers mostly used on Wordprss platform blogs by uploading them directly but in case of blogger it is not possible. There is no provision enabled on blogger templates or blogger services to install it directly.
But, don’t disappoint you can add this news ticker manually with simple script code following our step by step Blogger Tricks and Tips which is compatible to blogger templates.
This ‘Auto Scrolling News Ticker’ can easily customizable to where users easily increase or decrease post scrolling on ticker.This is another Animated Tricks Widget from Blogger widgets.

Webmaster doesn’t need to work hard for adding this news ticker to blogs our Blogging Tips helps you. Simply by changing the blog URL and soft installation of script code on blogger template updates posts automatically to scroll.

How to Add 'Auto Scrolling Latest Posts News Ticker' widget to Blogger?
Sign into your blogger account
Select 'Template' link tab and proceed
Click on 'Edit HTML' link tab
Note: Before you experiment this Backup your Template, if anything goes wrong you can reuse it again.
Now search for code
<div id='content-wrapper'>

After finding tag copy below code and paste above to it
<div style="width:970px;height:20px;position:relative;">
<script type="text/javascript">
var blog_url = "";
var latest_post = 10;
var scrolling_speed = "8";
var close_button = false;
var info_text = true;
<script src=""></script>
<br />
<br />
<div style='clear:both;'/>

Code customization:

  • Replace News Ticker Width value and height value
  • Replace ‘’ with your Blog/Website URL
  • Replace latest post value ‘10’ with desired value of posts to scroll
  • Replace scrolling speed value ‘8’ with desired value
  • Replace ‘false’ with ‘true’ if you wish to display close button
  • Replace ‘true’ with ‘false’ if you don’t wish to display text ‘Latest Articles’
After successful altering code, ‘Save’ your template
That’s it you’ve done.
Watch Demo Video

Video suggestions from Google’s Matt Cutts on Publishing Duplicate Content Online


Around 25 per cent of webmasters are reproducing duplicate content online, says Google’s Spam Sheriff Matt-cutts publicize through his recently added video. Duplicating of content blog or websites are downing traffic well too Traffic page rank, Matt suggested perfect secured trick to use rel=canonical tag against duplicate content.
A clear picture about canonical tag Matt cutts, explored in his video about How Google identifies primary blog or website installing rel=canonical tag on blogs or websites. Google index in search engine listing having primary blog content and verifies opposite reproduced content blog listed by rating and search importance. This means if your content is original and then Google helps you to index blog in search engine results by ignoring duplicate blog content depending upon search engine listing.
Successful tips and tricks for promotion blog or website
Major mistakes to be avoided while upgrading blogger template
Top most Secret to Increase Any Blog or Website Traffic within a week

In this article we share you a video of Matt Cuts explained ‘How should I address a small duplicate content on rel=canonical tag to help you with hold or Gain your search engine ranking or Get best Alex Rank in order to protect from duplicate blog or websites. Let’s check out to add rel=canonical attribute to your blog or website to preserve genuine work. Let’s start tutorial how to install tag and where to add in your blog or website.
Best SEO Blogger tricks and Tips to increase blog or website traffic
What type of mistakes effect on Adsense Revenue dropping?
How to convert your blogger template to SEO or Search engine friendly?
Increase your blog or website traffic with simple trick of Image Optimization

Sign into your blogger account
From Blogger Dashboard select ‘Template’
Click on ‘Edit HTML’ link tab
Search for tag <head>
After finding tag copy below code and paste below to <head>
<link href='' rel='canonical'/>

After adding code ‘Save Your Template’

Assist code customization
Repalce with your blog or website URL
That’s it you’ve done.
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How to remove ‘Powered by Blogger’ attribution widget from Blogger Templates?

Most of the beginners choose Free Blogger Templates online available which match to their content or variety design. In this course on advance blogger templates finds ‘Attribution’ widget known as ‘Powered by Blogger’ which is designed in locked condition. Blogger trips and tricks enables you simple way to remove that ‘Attribution’ widget from Blogger Template without any hard work. Let’s begin the tutorial to remove Attribution widget from blogger.
How to remove ‘Powered by Blogger’ widget from blogger templates?
Sign into your blogger account
Select ‘Template’ link tab
Click on ‘Edit’ link tab
Search Attribution widget from ‘Jump to widget’ top tab as shown in the image below,

Now find click on expand button left side

<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>

Replace the above code with below
Now replace the locked=’true’ in to locked=’false’ as shown in the image below

Click on ‘Save Template’
Go to ‘Layout’ link tab
Click on ‘Edit’ button and press on ‘Remove’ button

Save the template
You’ve done successfully.

How to Hide or manage your Blogger blogs privately not to list on Search engines?

It’s very relevant for every blogger or webmaster to find or display blog URL or website URL on search engines to bring more visitors and get Free Traffic. Blogger is the best platform to make where webmaster can easily modify their template or upload Free Blogger Templates available online etc.
By default on Blogger you can hide Blogger blogs from search engines and remove blog from blogger listings very easily through settings. This is valuable if you are maintaining a personal blog and do not want to turn into "Private" through settings of Blogger.Blogging tips and tricks helps you to manage blogger blog privately.
‘How to Hide manage your Blogger blogs privately not to list on Search engines?

Sign into your blogger account
From blogger dashboard select ‘Settings’ link tab
Click on ‘Edit’ from Privacy settings tab as shown in the below image
Two options visible ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ under Privacy settings
One ‘Add your blog to our listings’? (If your blog is personal then select option ‘No’) otherwise leave it default. But it will still be available on the Internet unless you hid it from your profile settings.
Two ‘Let Search engines find your blog? (If your blog is personal then select option ‘No’) otherwise leave it default. But it can available on search engines to view your blog and option directs not to crawl.
After making necessary alteration Click on ‘Save Changes’ button, as shown in the image below.

Now you’ve done successfully to hide your blog on search engines.

Successful tips and tricks for promoting Blog, Website or Youtube videos

To master your marketing skills for promoting blog or website or Youtube videos in this entrepreneur world for business, earn money online needs public relations Perfect targeted tricks. Here in this article we share few small business promoting skills which helps to increase your subscribers or viewers for Youtube videos.
Start by using the tools are full-fledged available on Youtube. Provide a detailed perfect match title and description, tags to each of your Youtube videos to drag attention of viewers.
How to Make Money from Youtube?

  • Always try to encourage people to comment or get feedback or rate or comments on videos what you share on Youtube or blog or website.
  • To target audience use public relations techniques to contact bloggers, editors, reporters and producers in order to generate free media coverage for your Youtube videos.
  • Starting separate website or blog to host your Youtube channel page videos links to list on giant search engines.
  • Appealing to your loyal subscribers or clients help you to promote your videos on their page or share with friends.
  • Sharing your Youtube video channel page links or videos on social network sites Facebook. Twitter, etc. to grab more visitors to watch or share on their pages.
  • Submit your Youtube channel videos page to giant search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing at free of cost or using premium services applying good SEO strategies to list on top position on search results.
  • Campaign Company or individual Youtube channel page promotional design catalogs, brochures, banners and sales materials are to be implemented for promoting your Youtube videos.
  • Joining to social network advertising Effective powerful tools on Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo working based on keyword which helps in cost-effective promoting Youtube videos.
  • If you’ve enough money then go for taking help of premium services available online to promote your Youtube videos.

100% Approve Your Adsense Account very easily within Hours

In the earlier days getting an Adsense account is very easy but recently Adsense has enhanced its Terms and Policies. Gradually new blogger are entering online blogging field for the purpose to earn money online through Adsense by displaying Google Ads on blog/website.
But now it become quite hard to get a 100% approved Adsense Account quickly due to Google Adsense policies.
Inspite of having good content on site few blogger are disappointed about rejecting their Adsense account and few are losing their Adsense account due to management of blog against Google Adsense policies. Many advertisements watching online who offers Adsense Account at fixed rate and few non successful website owners sell their Google Adsense account at fixed rate. There are so many alternatives opting cheaters to attract disapproved adsense account blog owners. Practicing all the above item is against Google Adsense Terms of services.
Here in this article for those webmasters who lost their Adsense Account or new bloggers trying to get new Adsense account. By following our step by step method you can get Adsense account within hours. We present you the best direction to get an approved Adsense account which is 100% legal and most of the blogger already implemented and successfully running account by following Google Adsense policies. Let’s begin tutorial.
Tricks to get approved Google Adsense account

  • Every online knows about most popular online video sharing website to upload or download videos. By taking opportunity of Youtube account you can easily get an approved Adsense account within 24hrs to 48 hours.
  • Create few videos at least 3 videos owned by you and useful to every one or tutorial type or match to your blog content. If you don’t have videos then create from mobile phone or digital camera or using Windows Movie maker for creating videos.
  • If you’ve Gmail account then visit and sign up for account. If you don’t have account then create gmail account and login to Youtube.
  • Upload your videos to try to make them popular to reach 300+ to 500+ views in total. You’ll receive a message to your gmail account inbox about to monetize your videos (If you have not received any message don’t squeeze apply for Google Adsense account from Youtube settings).
  • Submitting application for Adsense account you’ll receive message within 24hrs that, your account is ready for monetization to show Google Adsense Ads.
After approval of Adsense account use ads codes on content site following regularly TOS of Google Adsense. Don't use devil methods to earn money more, Google can disable your account immediately.

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